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Buyers Guide

Shopping for a new mattress? With so many options and styles to choose from it can be a rather daunting task. The professionals at Mattress Warehouse understand and that’s why we’ve assembled this easy and convenient mattress buyer’s guide designed to help you find the mattress and other sleep products that are uniquely right for you, your family, and your budget. It’s worth noting that while there are many different mattresses from which to select and Mattress Warehouse features an amazing selection of top mattresses to choose from both online and at each of our over 160 store locations in six states and the District of Columbia, shopping for a new mattress can always best be described as finding the right combination of price and comfort to suit your needs in this process. To simplify the process, start with the easiest components: what size do you need? What type of mattress do you want? What is your preference for firmness level? Use our ultra-convenient and Mattress Warehouse exclusive Create-My-Bed tool here at Mattress Warehouse online to help you narrow a very broad list of mattresses from which to choose into a more narrowly defined group of choices. Once you’ve determined what certain major features you’re after in a new mattress, assign a price range to your shopping criteria. Now you’ve created a group of mattress options that give you the construction and firmness criteria you want at a price range that’s budge-friendly.

Buying the Mattress Uniquely Right for You

Now that you’ve reviewed the options and features available for a new mattress and narrowed the selection range based on your budget for a new mattress you’re ready to select a new mattress that you’ve determined is uniquely right for you. Here’s where the great selection and great savings available at Mattress Warehouse combine to give you the mattress you want at the right price! Let’s take a closer look at the features you’ll find in our mattresses and the benefits of those features to you.