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Features and Benefits of Mattress Design and Construction

Amongst the range of choices for mattresses found at Mattress Warehouse, you’ll likely be the most familiar with an innerspring mattress. This is the long-reigning top choice for mattress design and for many consumers. With a wide variety of innerspring mattress brands to choose from you can be sure that the design technology and construction philosophy vary from brand to brand and even from model to model within brand. That being said, all innerspring mattress models still share the same basic construction of sorts: a center consisting of springs or coils. These ‘innersprings’ vary in thickness and thus affect firmness and support. Following the construction from the inside out: the innerspring unit is surrounded by an insulation layer, followed by the cushioning layers. These cushioning layers will help determine the feel and comfort of the mattress. Finally, the top layer – the decorative cover – this external layer covers the mattress and is the part you’ll see when looking at the mattress itself. Thus the ‘upholstery layers’ that surround the innerspring unit consists of three parts: the insulator layer, the cushioning middle upholstery layers, and the quilt layer.

Next in our lineup of mattresses at Mattress Warehouse: memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress lineup at Mattress Warehouse includes mattresses by Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Serta (with its iComfort series), V-Sleep and Sleep Trends by Dormia. These memory foam mattresses are constructed of visco-elastic foam and offer up some interesting features and benefits including an ability to adjust to your exact shape thus relieving pressure on painful joints. Here’s where a person might want the benefit of a memory foam mattress to alleviate pressure points and offer up the chance for a restful night’s sleep. Certain memory foam mattresses - such as the iComfort Series from Serta - are also gel infused to help cool your mattress and keeping it more consistently temperate year-round. Another memory foam feature some fans enjoy: memory foam can absorb motion. Is your partner a restless sleeper whose movements actually affect the quality of your sleep? Memory foam’s ability to absorb motion means the potential for fewer disturbances to your sound, restful sleep.If an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress each have their advantages, there must be a way to blend both technologies to create an even better sleep experience: there is and it’s called a hybrid mattress which combines innerspring and memory foam into one mattress design! There may be certain support preferences in an innerspring mattress that appeal to you while the memory foam has certain benefits that likewise appeal to you. A combination of features such as those found in a hybrid mattress model like those in the iSeries lineup from Serta might make for an especially appealing option for you and/or a partner. The iSeries also provides a triple layer of mattress benefits: innerspring coils for support combined with gel infused memory foam for a cool, restful night’s sleep.