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The Importance of Proper Mattress Support: Is it a Box Spring or Foundation?

Even a casual review of our commentary and information here at SleepHappens.com will inform the mattress shopper that we are always strong advocates for the selection of a box spring to accompany your new mattress purchase. You have expectations for how the mattress will perform and you also have expectations about that mattress’s lifespan. The best way to help your mattress achieve its optimum level of performance and lifespan and help meet your expectations for a new mattress is to pair it with a box spring built by that manufacturer and specifically matched to the mattress that sits atop it. A box spring or a foundation is designed to support your mattress, keep it from sagging, and to also aid in your enjoyment and satisfaction with the mattress you’ve purchased. A box spring – as the name implies – has a construction that features the use of coils structured within a wooden frame to deliver support to the mattress. Mattress foundations typically feature all wood construction but can also feature some metal as another construction element as the two work in tandem to support the mattress. Whether it’s called a box spring or a foundation, it’s a critical element of your new bed in that it provides a firm flat surface on which to place your new mattress and also absorbs shock that would otherwise be completely absorbed by your mattress and – combined with a bed frame – adds height to your bed making getting in/out of your bed that much easier. Protect the integrity of your mattress by giving it the proper support it needs with a box spring. A mattress and box spring set is your best approach to finding a satisfying and long term solution to your sleep product shopping objectives. Box springs/foundations come in two styles: standard profile and low profile. With varying mattress heights depending on their design, a low profile box spring/foundation may be a shopper’s best bet for mattress support as well as ease and convenience getting in/out of bed. Finally, it’s worth noting that the warranty on your mattress may be invalidated if it is not used with proper support.