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Bed Frames, Headboards, and Platforms to Complete Your New Bed

The bed frame: the unsung hero of the sleep product world. While the versatile bed frame does its work in relative anonymity, it does both important and versatile work: the bed frame offers important support to the box spring or foundation that sits on top of it. Outfitted with wheels, it lets the bed owner adjust the bed’s position for easier housekeeping chores, and – it also provides an anchor to which your bed’s headboard can be attached. Constructed of a combination of metal railings and rectangular in shape most bed frames are designed with ease of assembly in mind, the bed frame elevates your bed off the floor and also gives the owner added storage space beneath the bed itself if bedroom storage space is an issue. Headboards are an aesthetic choice that can help to complete or complement a room’s décor and help make your new bed the visual centerpiece of your bedroom. Certain headboards can also serve a functional purpose as well, providing a backdrop for a propped up pillow or pillow set for television viewing, reading, or using electronic devices such as a laptop or tablet PC while in bed. Headboard designs vary widely and can range in style from metal, wood, to fabric or combinations thereof. Mattress Warehouse offers a wide selection from which to choose both online and at any of our over 160 Mattress Warehouse retail store locations throughout six states and the District of Columbia. A platform bed is also a stylish and performance-driven option for the new mattress owner: platform beds have long held a place in the heart of designers and home decorators who want to add a more modern, streamlined aesthetic to a bedroom. Constructed in options that include metal, wood, and fabric, a platform bed offers a solid firm, flat platform in support of the mattress placed on it and can also offer the intriguing option of built-in storage: built in storage under your bed means easy access to clean linen right from underneath your bed! Items are kept in a clean, dust-free environment and multiply storage options within your bedroom.