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New Pillows to Complement Your New Mattress and Box Spring Set

Anyone who has shopped for a pillow knows that the walls and floor display bins of many retail outlets are amply filled with pillows from which to choose. In this case, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. A discount or old worn out pillow might be your personal roadblock to a great night’s sleep even after you’ve purchased and installed that new mattress and box spring in your home. Mattress Warehouse offers a pillow lineup that features a variety of styles that appeal to the specifics of how you sleep - side, back or stomach - and offers added features that help combat the intrusion of allergens that may affect your comfort and health. Earlier in our Mattress Warehouse Buyers Guide we talked about the features and benefits of memory foam and memory foam with gel infusion to bed shoppers. Our lineup of pillows replicates these same construction components and delivers the same comfort and performance for your head and neck as the mattress does for your body. When shopping for a pillow it’s important to find a pillow design that matches up with your sleep style: decide whether you’re a side sleeper, back or stomach sleeper and then locate the pillow style best suited to your personal sleep preferences. Not sure if your sleep preference is limited to one style? Fall asleep on your back but wake up to find yourself lying on your side? Not a problem: the Mattress Warehouse pillow collection features pillows like the Fabrictech Opulent model which is an all-around comfort model and suited to both back and side sleepers.