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Protect Your Bed with Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Throughout this Mattress Warehouse Buyers Guide we’ve talked about the design and construction of mattresses, box springs, foundations and pillows. We’ve provided information that will make the reader a more informed, savvier shopper of sleep products but there’s also another component of a great new sleep strategy that oftentimes goes unreported and here’s where we cover another sleep product strategy that will add comfort and provide critical protection to the investments you’ve just made in your new bed and pillow set: Mattress Warehouse mattress and pillow protectors. There are times new bed owners will place a mattress pad they already own and have used on their old mattress on their new bed as a form of protection for the new mattress. If the owner hasn’t swapped one mattress size for another, the natural assumption is that the old mattress pad is still a viable cover for the new mattress. The problems with this assumption include: -A mattress ‘pad’ is not the same as a mattress ‘protector’. A mattress protector is purpose-built to the task of protecting your new mattress from stains caused by accidents or even the deposit of other materials from humans and pets. Its specific function is to serve as a stain guard. -A mattress pad may actually change the feel of a new mattress you have carefully chosen because of its feel. A mattress protector protects without interfering with the feel of the mattress it is protecting. Mattress Warehouse features a collection of mattress and pillow protectors that are all about protecting the important investment you’ve made in your new bed and pillow set. We feature protection for the variety of mattress and pillow sizes we offer in our lineup.