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Top Mattresses from Mattress Warehouse

Are you shopping for an entirely new sleep and rest experience? Do you want your choice of the top mattresses from leading manufacturers who are dedicated to bringing you a better night’s sleep? The professionals at Mattress Warehouse understand: we are dedicated to providing sleep product shoppers just like you with an array of the best mattress choices from leading brands in mattresses and other sleep products such as box springs, pillows and more. Our amazing selection includes such well known and respected mattress brands as Sealy, Serta, Simmons Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic.

We all know how important sleep is to our daily lives: a restful night’s sleep can easily set the tone for the day that follows. Better sleep can help us feel better emotionally and physically. Is a better mattress your personal passport to a better, more productive day? Mattress Warehouse thinks so and can help you find the best mattress that is especially right for you, your sleep preferences, and your budget for sleep products like a mattress, box spring, and even pillows!

For the vast majority of sleep product shoppers, the path to a better night’s sleep starts with the choice from among our great selection of top mattresses either in-store or here at our website. At Mattress Warehouse we understand that the path to a more restful night’s sleep is a path unique to you and with many mattress types to choose from, we understand the importance of providing the consumer with product information and guidance that informs without being overwhelming or overcomplicates your shopping experience be it online or in-store. Rely on Mattress Warehouse to help you select the mattress that is uniquely right for you and your budget with the clear, concise information found both here at our website and accompanying Bed Blog.

In addition to our extensive collection of product information here at the site, we also feature the industry-exclusive ease and convenience of the Create-My-Bed tool here at With so many mattress options to choose from we set about making the shopping process quicker and easier and so we created an easy-to-use tool we call Create-My-Bed! With Create-My-Bed you select the mattress features that are important to you. Select specific characteristics like a particular brand, mattress type, and/or price range and we serve you a corresponding lineup of mattresses that match the unique criteria you picked. Simply increase or decrease the number of features you’ve chosen and the range of products you’ll see will increase or decrease accordingly.

Mattress Types Vary but All Can Deliver Better Rest

While everyone’s preference for the mattress type they sleep on may vary, the one thing we can all agree on is that today’s leading mattress brand manufacturers are producing a range of mattress types that deliver a great night’s sleep from amongst a wide variety of construction and design styles to suit any preference!

While technological advancements in construction also mean your mattress choice from Mattress Warehouse will feature stronger, sturdier design that strives for unprecedented durability, it also means advancements in sleep technology have led to an ever-increasing range of mattress types found at both the Mattress Warehouse online store and throughout our network of conveniently located retail stores. This exciting lineup of mattress products include a broad range of options such as foam, innerspring, a hybrid of foam and innerspring, as well as mattresses that are purpose-built for futons and sleep sofa beds. There’s more: today’s mattress technology means that new mattresses can offer features such as a combination of memory foam and gel as seen with the iComfort series from Serta and the even more intriguing combination of gel, memory foam, and innerspring found in the iSeries mattress lineup also from Serta. The array of exciting mattress technology from leading brands you’ll find at Mattress Warehouse includes:

A Convenient Visual to Compare and Contrast Mattress Sizes

While mattress thickness can vary significantly, mattress size (width x length) generally adhere to these standard sizes:

Mattress Size Dimensions
Twin 37.6” x 74.5”
Twin XL 39” x 80”
Full 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84”

Ready, Mattress Box Spring Set, Go for a Great Night’s Sleep!

Here at Mattress Warehouse online and at each of our many conveniently-located store locations, you will see and hear us talk a lot about giving you great value for your sleep product budget. We offer both great selection and great savings at Mattress Warehouse, along with a dedication to helping you protect your new investment with clear, concise information and keen insight into our lineup of mattress and box spring products. It’s our goal to help you get the most out of your new mattress, protect its lifespan, and gain the greatest satisfaction from your new mattress purchase. Buying a new mattress? Pair it with a manufacturer’s recommended box spring! A new mattress and box spring set from Mattress Warehouse is a combination specifically built to help you gain both the best performance from your new mattress and also secure the greatest value from that new mattress. A box spring built specifically by the mattress manufacturer is your best assurance that you’re helping your new mattress deliver its fullest measure of comfort and performance throughout the life of the product. Along with a Mattress Warehouse frame and important accessory items like a mattress protector, your new box spring - paired with a new mattress from the same manufacturer – combine to form the right choices at the right time on the path to a great night’s sleep.

More Mattress Options at Mattress Warehouse to Love

The selection of mattress designs and technologies we’ve described here gets larger still: beyond the standard range of mattress options – from twin to full size and from innerspring to foam and beyond – Mattress Warehouse also features a selection of mattresses made specifically to combine with adjustable bed platforms. These adjustable-friendly mattress options allow sleep product shoppers to experience a whole new dimension in both rest and active use of their bed: sleep in a position that is more conducive to a unique physical preference or enjoy a bed that allows you to easily and comfortably watch television, converse with your partner, talk on the phone or use today’s advanced technology like a laptop or tablet PC for work or entertainment. The adjustable mattress you combine with an adjustable bed base is today’s increasingly popular choice to take your bed to comfortable new heights in how you experience restful hours in your home.

Mattress Warehouse also offers easy, convenient, and budget friendly solutions for your custom mattress needs! Our trained professionals can help you create a mattress, box spring and frame solution that meets a very specific space requirement or limitation you have for a bed. Custom bed needs are more prevalent than you might think: outfitting a boat, an odd shaped room in an older home, a mattress and box spring to fit an antique headboard you found and lovingly restored to fit a desired décor in your home. These are just a few of the scenarios where a custom mattress made to your exacting specifications can bring you a restful night’s sleep while precisely fitting within the dimensions of the space you have to work with.

Your Best Mattress Source Online and In-Store

Mattress Warehouse has been helping sleep product shoppers find the right bed since our first store opening in 1989 and has since opened over 180 retail store locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as well as serving online shoppers with our online brand Our team of store and online sleep professionals are dedicated to delivering a total quality customer experience, helping you find the one right mattress from amongst our huge selection of top mattresses that is uniquely right for you, members of your family, and your budget. Our online store specializes in delivering a great user experience with an emphasis on clear, concise product descriptions and information – along with innovative online tools like Create-My-Bed - to help sleep product shoppers make great decisions about their next mattress purchase be it online or – with research in hand courtesy of our site - at one our retail stores in one of our many convenient locations. The Mattress Warehouse Advantage: shop online for the best mattress that is exactly right for you and buy it easily and conveniently online here at or research your purchase here online and then visit the store closest to you for a hands-on shopping experience.

We also compliment your online shopping experience with a clear, uncomplicated shipping policy that features free shipping on many items as well as mattress and box spring sets, frames, and accessory items like pillows.