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Find Your New Mattress with Create-My-Bed!

Create-My-Bed Feature is a Mattress Warehouse Exclusive!

Shopped at other mattress and bedding websites? Frustrated by how complicated other online stores make the shopping and selection process? We took a look around - even at our own old website – and decided there had to be a better way: so we created the industry-exclusive Create-My-Bed shopping tool for consumers just like you. Now you can quickly and easily select from a range of available options or features to hone in on the mattress choice that is uniquely right for you!


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Why ask the customer to work their way through a complicated, time-consuming selection process to get to the one right mattress that is what the customer was looking for right from the start? With Create-My-Bed you can check the box of the feature(s) you want in a potential mattress choice and then see the range of products that match up with the features you chose. Here’s how it works: start where you want in the range of options or features your new mattress might have. Select as many or as few of the options/features you’re interested in. You tell us what brand(s) you’re looking for along with the mattress type you’re after. You can also predetermine the mattress’s size, comfort level and the price range that is uniquely right for you and your budget. Want to narrow or expand the search results? Simply decrease or increase the number of features you’ve selected within the Create-My-Bed tool. There’s no specific starting point either: don’t care about brand, just the comfort level? Start a search based strictly on that feature characteristic. Is this purchase strictly to outfit a rarely-used spare bedroom and budget is a determining factor? Call up all the mattresses that are at or below your target range for this purchase. Create-My-Bed does the work so you don’t have to! Find it now – exclusively at Mattress Warehouse online!

Create-a-Bed Tool

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